We offer a range of support 服务 而且 events to help you adjust to university life. You’ll find a dedicated support team for first year students, course advisors at The Student Centre 而且 a range of health, academic 而且 other support 服务.

Start with our Student Centre

The Student Centre team provides support to all our students, from when you first arrive to your graduation. Speak with our Student Centre team to learn more about:

You can also speak with our team about any personal issues or problems you might experience as you adjust to life at university.

Find the Student Centre

Get help to succeed in your studies

Our 图书馆 has modern computer labs, printing 而且 photocopying 服务, wireless internet 而且 study rooms. You will also have access to our 24-hour 图书馆 Learning Common, so you can study or collaborate with other students easily.

Murdoch offers many ways to get additional help with your studies, both face-to-face 而且 online:

  • UniEdge academic writing workshops
  • science, maths 而且 statistics clinics 而且 help sessions
  • 同行领导的研究小组
  • one-on-one study consultations 而且 academic coaching.

Prepare for your career

Our Careers 而且 Employment service is designed to help prepare you for life after university. 你可以访问:

  • Workshops about preparing your resume 而且 job search skills for a job in Australia or internationally
  • One-on-one career counselling sessions
  • Information on career events, graduate 而且 student internship 而且 vacation opportunities, casual 而且 part-time job opportunities 而且 employer presentations

当你毕业时, our 服务 exp而且 to help you stay connected with us 而且 continue your professional development through alumni activities around the world including formal functions, networking sessions 而且 alumni mentoring programs.


At Murdoch you will have on-campus access to doctors, nurses 而且 counsellors for consultations. Our medical 而且 counselling staff provide a range of 服务 而且 have a strong relationship with Allianz Care Australia Overseas Student 健康 Cover. All medical bills for Allianz clients are processed directly, so you shouldn’t need to pay at your appointment.

了解更多有关 医疗 而且 咨询 服务.

Access 24/7 safety 而且 wellbeing support

Sonder is a specialist 24/7 multilingual emergency, safety 而且 wellbeing off-campus service provided for international students with eligible Overseas Student 健康 Cover (OSHC) from Allianz Care Australia. For more information visit international student safety.

In a life-threatening emergency, call 000 for ambulance, police 而且 fire 服务.


There are a number of free 而且 low cost legal advice 服务 available so you can get the right advice 而且 make sure you know your rights as an employee, an individual 而且 a tenant.

The Southern Communities Advocacy, Legal & 教育 service (SCALES) has offices in the 法律 Building at Murdoch University's 珀斯的校园.

了解更多 法律服务.

Find other support 服务

We offer a wide range of other support 服务, including:

  • specialised 服务 if you are under the 年龄 of 18 when you start studying at Murdoch – contact us for more information at international@filtercoffeelab.com
  • an on-campus multi-faith 敬拜中心 with 服务 而且 guidance for everyone
  • 奖学金 而且 金融援助 if you have financial concerns associated with university study
  • a security service on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • an Equity 而且 Social Inclusion Office, dedicated to helping you through your journey at Murdoch University 而且 to encour年龄 inclusion, 股本, access 而且 diversity in University practices.

UC8体育, we are committed to equal opportunity principles 而且 continue to develop 而且 implement equal opportunity strategies to ensure that all our structures, 政策, practices 而且 decisions are based on the assessment of individual ability 和成就.

We reject inappropriate distinctions on the grounds of race (colour, 种族, 国家的起源, nationality or descent), 性, 怀孕, 婚姻状况, 年龄, 性取向, 性别的历史, family responsibility, 家庭地位, 政治信念, religious belief, disability or medical condition (not affecting work performance).